Wider Opps Day

On Thursday 6th February, Badgers attended a ‘Wider Opps Day’ at The King’s House, Bedford. The day was the culmination of 15 weeks of music lessons with Mr Andy Kershaw, a teacher from Music for Bedford Borough.
Badgers learnt to play a brass instrument called the P Bone, which is an entry level instrument for the trombone. Over the course of the lessons, the children mastered several different notes on the instrument, which they then turned into a variety of tunes. They performed ‘Silent Night’ at Christmas, as well as giving other demos throughout their lessons.
During the Wider Opps Day, the children worked with children from all over Bedford. The finale of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was a showstopper and showed just how much they had learnt.
It was a fantastic day and the children were absolutely superb. Well done, Badgers!