Vision and Mission


We aim to provide our children with opportunities to become confident, happy children valuing and respecting diversity and who are proud of their achievements.

Mission Statement

We will encourage:

  • Our children to be committed to achieve their full potential
  • Our parents to support their children’s learning journey
  • Our teachers to provide a knowledge-based, stimulating and motivating curriculum for all children using the outdoor environment
  • Our Governors to know the school well and support the ongoing strategic development of the school community
  • Good behaviour by having a consistent positive reward system

We are committed to:

  • Developing a knowledge-based curriculum with links to Learning Beyond the Classroom
  • Addressing and challenging the needs of every child
  • Supporting parents with their child’s learning journey
  • Providing the best possible continuing professional development for all staff
  • Enabling Governors to develop a working knowledge of the school and encourage their ongoing engagement through robust development and training
  • Encouraging good behaviour through a consistent positive, whole school approach

Our children will achieve their full potential through:

  • Having stimulating Learning Beyond the Classroom experiences which inspire learning and are delivered by enthusiastic staff
  • Understanding British values as well as those of independence, appreciating the cultures, beliefs and learning journeys of others
  • Staff valuing opinions of children and parents and promoting self-confidence in all young people