This week in Otters: English


In English we have been learning about cosmic. It’s a book when an unusually tall 12 year

old gets a chance of a lifetime to go on a rollercoaster called the rocket but it was a real rocket.  When he gets there on a private jet he meets dr drax.  A lady who made the rocket she said if anything goes wrong such as if they go into outer space any existence of them will be denied.  Then they went to outer space in the secret rocket to space. They all voted for Samson tow to go to outer space. But Liam went to space. They were playing hide and seek. Hasan went missing in the rocket ship. Liam went outside to look for Liam. Liam came back in the rocket. But all the children were getting scared before Liam came back in the rocket. Liam looked every  were in the rocket even outside.

By Bruce and Freddie