Otters: Computing project


This term Otters have been in groups planning to create an app. We have made PowerPoints about our app in our groups and a video to explain it or show an example. Once we had completed our PowerPoints we had to showcase them to our panel of *Experts* (Also known as: Mrs Jeff’s, Mrs Taylor and Miss Strang) after we had showcased our PowerPoints the teachers and some students asked us questions.

Some of these questions we had no answer for but some other questions we all had good ideas of how to answer them.

In Harry’s group we had a PowerPoint about our ideas for different parts of the app like: Homework tracker, Spelling bee etc. their video idea was about how the app could help you with your phone and how it would remind you earlier when to charge you phone.

Theo’s group made a PowerPoint about their app Just Remember. In their presentation, they talked about the app helping you remember things for everyday life and before and after school.


By Harry and Theo