May Festival


On the 12th of May there was an event called the maypole. This happened at cotton end village hall. The thing that happens is that people grab onto a pole with a ribbon and dance around the pole to try and make a pattern.

Back to the event I, Alex, arrived there at 10ish and saw everybody setting up stuff like calling ice cream vans and they were setting up go cart races. A bout half an hour later everyone started arriving. At 11.30 the dance started here is a view from one of the dancers.

Evelyn, the dancer, says, “We all collected the ribbons and got into a circle. Then Ashton started playing the music as we all started dancing around the pole. We heard people clapping to the beat of the music. When we stopped we took a break as the other people did the same dance.”

By Alex and Evelyn

The may festival .

The may festival is when a few people each year get to dance around a pole with ribbons we normally do the double plait and the cobweb it is really fun and we have lots of other things going on aswell like slime making, facepaint, there’s a bouncy castle and more.

The maypole is a tall pole with ribbons attached .People hold the ribbons and dance. Some of the dances are simple and some are more detailed . People huddled round the maypole while the other people play in the park.

Thank you for reading this.

By Imogen and Chloe.

YR6 SATs Week

SATs, is the most important test in primary school. It’s the time where your class teachers have built you up to this moment and all they want you to do is, to do your best. Really it shouldn’t be that worrying. I just thought of it like another test but knowing it’s a little more important.

SATs has been very challenging so far. The last test was very hard but really I didn’t worry. At the beginning I felt very confident and happy about doing my SATs – I am still very happy but it’s also been a big challenge knowing that it’ll effect my Forms when I get into Middle School.


“I’ve found it very easy and I actually think that’s a great thing.”  -Aleksandra

“I’ve found SATs pretty easy”


By Elim

Topic work in Otters

Our topic (WW2)

This term, Otters have been learning about World War 2.

So far this term, we’ve written diary entries as people involved in war, also we’ve made information posters about these leaders: Joseph Stalin (Russian leader), Adolf Hitler (German leader), Benito Mussolini (Italian leader), Winston Churchill (English leader) And Neville Chamberlain (Used to be English leader before Churchill).


By Aleksandra

music lessons for Otters class

Our music lessons

This year we have started music lessons as a class with Mr V. We weren’t playing an instrument, we were playing on stuff like bins, brooms, pots, pans and plastic canisters. First we watched someone play on pots and pans and then we started learning what different things mean.

By Mateusz

computing in Otters


In computing we have been designing our app ideas. Our apps are about school and remembering things for school and everyday life. We are typing up focus group questions for our app using Microsoft word. Next week we will ask some children from badgers to get some feedback on our apps. We have done online surveys on google forms with questions about our app for students to reply on them and give their opinion on our app idea.

by Harry and Mason

Christmas 2017

Santa has been to visit the children this morning!

This week in Otters

In Otters we have been learning about adding and subtracting decimal places [0.1, 0.01 and 0.001].

Here is an example; 2.58+3.68=6.26

In English we have been writing a newspaper report about a book called Cosmic.

We included interesting vocabulary, quotes and punctuation.


By Mateusz and Vinnie

Otters: Computing project


This term Otters have been in groups planning to create an app. We have made PowerPoints about our app in our groups and a video to explain it or show an example. Once we had completed our PowerPoints we had to showcase them to our panel of *Experts* (Also known as: Mrs Jeff’s, Mrs Taylor and Miss Strang) after we had showcased our PowerPoints the teachers and some students asked us questions.

Some of these questions we had no answer for but some other questions we all had good ideas of how to answer them.

In Harry’s group we had a PowerPoint about our ideas for different parts of the app like: Homework tracker, Spelling bee etc. their video idea was about how the app could help you with your phone and how it would remind you earlier when to charge you phone.

Theo’s group made a PowerPoint about their app Just Remember. In their presentation, they talked about the app helping you remember things for everyday life and before and after school.


By Harry and Theo




This week in Otters: English


In English we have been learning about cosmic. It’s a book when an unusually tall 12 year

old gets a chance of a lifetime to go on a rollercoaster called the rocket but it was a real rocket.  When he gets there on a private jet he meets dr drax.  A lady who made the rocket she said if anything goes wrong such as if they go into outer space any existence of them will be denied.  Then they went to outer space in the secret rocket to space. They all voted for Samson tow to go to outer space. But Liam went to space. They were playing hide and seek. Hasan went missing in the rocket ship. Liam went outside to look for Liam. Liam came back in the rocket. But all the children were getting scared before Liam came back in the rocket. Liam looked every  were in the rocket even outside.

By Bruce and Freddie