Book Week

Book week!

Hello and welcome to what we do at school.  Let’s tell you about book day first. On Monday we dressed up in book costumes or characters from films. On Tuesday we had a sponsored book flip.  We had to get a book and a pan, you flipped a book as many times as you could before it dropped on the floor. On Wednesday, in the afternoon, we did a letter hunt for Authors and you had to see what book title it made.  All the letters were scrambled up.  In the end though it was very hard but fun. On Thursday, we had a puppet lady that came in to our school. It was very hard to make the puppets, we had to form the shape of the character we wanted to make. It was even harder because it was made out of foam. But on Friday we had,  a story time in the afternoon.  There was hot chocolate and biscuits. We read the book “Then” and then the second part of “Once”.

That was book week.  It was very fun.   If we could rate it out of ten, I would give book week a ten.  

Rj and Ah