Welcome to Woodpeckers Class!

Woodpeckers is our Year 2 class and is taught by Mrs Gormley and supported by Mrs Childs.

In Year 2 we continue to learn through a topic based creative curriculum where all of the children’s needs are catered for. We cover 3 topics a year, learning opportunities are enhanced by trips, visitors and outside learning.

In Woodpeckers class we continue to develop the skills of working independently and children are encouraged to find things out for themselves and to challenge and extend their ideas. In year 2 children learn through a range of hands on practical tasks and more formal classroom based activities.  We also try to take the learning outside as much as possible.


Important information:

Learning Logs are sent home every Friday and are due in the following Wednesday.

Spellings are sent home on a Friday. Spelling books are due back on the following Thursday and the children are tested on the Friday.

Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school which includes sensible footwear. PE lessons take place on a Tuesday afternoon. Please also ensure your child has their waterproof trousers and wellies in school at all times.  Woodpeckers Class go to Forest School on Monday afternoons.

We are looking forward to a busy but fun term ahead!



It has been great to see all the hard work completed by children in Woodpeckers class. Well done and keep up the good work!

For the final 4 weeks of term, I will be uploading English and Maths lessons from the Hamilton Trust (as usual) plus 1 grid to cover the other foundation and core subjects.  I think this will reflect the work which I am seeing being completed and also will provide a selection of work to suit all of the children’s interest.

Please email me with the work you are completing at home, on the class email address:

woodpecker-class@cottonendforestschool.co.uk  Thank you.

Transition Week (Week 13):

This week we are going to reflect on this year and think ahead to next year in Year 3.

Please complete the end of year writing sheet and fill in the transition to Year 3 booklet.  I will then pass the booklets onto your new teacher.


Year-2-to-year-3 transition booklet

International Week (Week 12):

Year 2 International Week Home Learning Activities


Science Week (Week 11):

Year 2 Science Week Home Learning Activities


Activity Sheet Plant Parts and Plant Needs

Maths (Week 13):

Y2 Week 13 Day 1

Y2 Week 13 Day 2

Y2 Week 13 Day 3

Y2 Week 13 Day 4

Y2 Week 13 Day 5

Maths (Week 14):

Y2 Week 14 Day 1

Y2 Week 14 Day 2

Y2 Week 14 Day 3

Y2 Week 14 Day 4

Y2 Week 14 Day 5

Maths Home Learning Grid: Please choose 1 activity to complete a day and email it to me. Thank you.

Year 2 Maths Home Learning Activities-6

Game Board

Tens and Ones Cards

Spot-on Cards



English (Week 13):

Y2_Week 13_Day 1

Y2_Week 13_Day 2

Y2_Week 13_Day 3

Y2_Week 13_Day 4

Y2_Week 13_Day 5

English (Week 14):

Y2_Week 14_Day 1

Y2_Week 14_Day 2

Y2_Week 14_Day 3

Y2_Week 14_Day 4

Y2_Week 14_Day 5

English Home Learning Grid: Please choose 1 activity to complete a day and email it to me. Thank you.

Year 2 English Home Learning Activities-6

For some outdoor learning ideas, please click on the links below: