List of Governors

Name Category Term Ends
Kimberley Boston-Dye (KB) Parent Dec-22
Mark Pilling (MP) Parent Dec-22
Sandra Thacker (ST) Local Authority Sep-23
[Chair of Governors]
Kylie Grey (KG) Staff Sep-20
Karen Headland (KH) Head Ex Officio
Diane Bozier (DB) Co-opted May-21
[Vice Chair of Governors]
Enock Katondo (EK) Co-opted Sep-20
Rebecca Lant (RL) Co-opted Nov-22
Stephen Smith (STS) Co-opted May-21
Angela Stimson (AS) Co-opted Apr-22
Sarah-Jayne Gallagher (SG) Associate Member Sep-20
Claire Gormley (CG) Associate Member May-22
Liz Russell (LR) Associate Member Sep-22